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The characteristics of this automatic filling machine include: Dosing accuracy + / - 5 mg, automatic removal of doses that are not in the range of tolerance (for  total compliance of the filling), automatic positioning of the tubes and check to prevent two feedings into the same tube.

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This automatic filling machine consists of an indexing table, to position the tubes to a control  (to check that the tube is empty) and then to the filling station. The  SPAC Class 4A feeder (scales  resolution: 0.1 mg) provides a fast and accurate powder feeding. To minimize the cycle time, the dosage in the  weighing bowl is performed during the rotation of the turntable. Parts in contact with the ingredient can be removed in seconds without tools.

Results : Set point: 130 mg, standard deviation: 1.12 mg

Despite an environment that can be unfavorable  for  highly precise measurements (scales resolution: 0.1 mg), the results are remarkably accurate and stable (less than 2% of doses are out of tolerance). All out of tolerance doses are automatically rejected and placed in a container for recycling. Traceability of the results on Excel sheets, provides a quick analysis of performance.


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