Micro filling system for pyrotechnic cartridges

Description:   This machine is designed to feed 12 pyrotechnic cartridges in automatic mode.

A MCPI Precision ® Fine dosing SPA micro feeder provides  accurate feeding with a standard deviation of 0.03g. The "out of tolerance" doses are evacuated , to ensure a total conformity of the whole production. The turn table ensuring the positioning of the cartridges in the filling position, is driven by an MCPI cam indexing table . To facilitate  production changes and fast cleaning operations, the feeder is equipped with a fast discharge function.


Technical data

Load cell    : analogical, measurment resolution : 0.01 g.
Max. and min. dose    : from 0.5 to 60 grams
Dosing process    :  Coarse /  Fine flows + checking of tolerances.
Diameter of cartridges    : From a  few millimeters, the filling flow is controlled, and depends on the diameter. This system is suitable for fine powders or granules.
Turn table to handle cartridges    : The tool for handling cartridges is custom made , it can change in a few seconds. Smooth motion with cam indexing table 12 stops.
Filling with safety     : The inaccurate doses are rejected and sent to a tank
Fast discharge      : With a second outlet and reverse operation of the feeder
Performances     With cement powder: 3 grams ,standard deviation : 0.02 g

Photo gallery

General view  Feeding with  MCPI Fine dosing principle (mesurement resolution: 0.01 g).
Feeder with 2 outlets: dosing + discharge (exclusively from MCPI Fine dosing®). Fast and easy removal of the filled cartridges.
Reject tank for inaccurate feeding ". The powder can be recycled.

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