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Filling of bags (manufacturing based on GMP rules).



Gravimetric filling of bags for pre-mixing. This flexible machine can cope with a wide range of powders (Aerosil, stearat, TiO2...) and granulates. The feeders storage hopper is refilled with a vacuum conveying system.


Performance / technical data

 Dosing time    : 20 sec for 2 kg (estimated time: depend on the powder density and flowability).
  Load cell    : analogical  (resolution of measure :0.5 g)
 Min. and max. dose    : from 0.1 to 20 kg
 Process of dosing

   :  The powder is dosed in the bag fastened onto a cone mounted on the load cell

      The  feeder is operated automatically with 2  output flowrates: 1- Coarse   2- Fine

 Principle    : The bag is fastened manually
  Feeding of the storage hopper    : With a vacuum conveyor, the ingredient is sucked into the container.                             


Accuracy & hygienic

Dismantling for cleaning. This operation is done without  tools, the time requested is around 2 - 3 minutes with 2 persons.


The parts are easy to clean

Fastening of the bags

Quick fastening of the bags

Control box

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